About Us

Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour is a Hanoi based tour operator offering a wide selection of multi-activity tours and a value-for-money travel services in Vietnam. The company most popular products are jungle, Classic and culture tours, Highlight tours,  Adventure tours, trekking tours, mountain hiking tours, countryside walking, cycling trips, biking adventure tours, sea kayaking trips, motorbike tours, motorcycle touring. Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tours also offers star hotel reservations, car rental, airlines ticket bookings, beach resorts, visa arrangements and more.

The story started first on October 25th, 2009 when Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour opened its first office in Hanoi which is also its head quarter now. At the beginning, there were only three people of its team who hardly worked in a small office of twenty four square meters. The Company' first travel products were limited to short excursions around Hanoi, walking tours to Maichau, hiking tours to Sapa with overnight at hill tribe villages, boat cruises and kayaking trips in Halong Bay and trekking journeys to the North-West region such as Sapa, Laichau, Dien Bien, Son La, Hagiang, Caobang…

The business has grown steadily through word of mouth as many of travelers have returned to Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour for another trip, and recommended the agency to their friends. This tempted Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour to open then two more operation offices Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Though Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour has dramatically grown, the fundamental pillars upon which it began remain as important today as ever with expert firsthand knowledge, attention to detail, local staff, personal service and value-for-money being paramount.

In this website, www.asiaessencetours.com Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour seeks to provide the most comprehensive package tours and travel products that are well made by its team of senior travel consultants, local adventure tour guides and also by
Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour frequent travelers who helped us writing destinations reviews, articles, suggestions and comments...

Therefore keep in mind that Bai Tu Long - Sapa Tour has a wide range of tours for both groups and independent travelers, from easy-touring to physically challenging, not to mention its special theme tours such as birding, golfing, and community travel and more. In case you won't find any option that matches your expectation or you just want to follow your own itinerary, then do not hesitate to contact the team. They will work it out and tailor your trip to just what you long for – They are here to show you the hidden charm of these beautiful destinations!